American West Construction

Go Solar​

on Your Terms

I'm Jeremiah, let me design a Solar System for your needs

Most Solar Companies just want to sell solar pannels.
I want to reduce your Electric Bill with a Solar Sytem that fits your budget and life style.
Contact me with your questions and toghter lets see what works for your needs.
Types of Installs
  1. Asphault Roof Mount
    Asphault Roof Mount
    Add solar panels to asphalt roof. Keep your roof warranty.
  2. Tile Roof Mount
    Tile Roof Mount
    Add solar rack to tile roof with ease. New racking systems make adding panels and keeping roof warranties possible.
  3. Ground Mount
    Ground Mount
    Ground Mounts are a great way to place panels in the best place to collect the Suns energy if your roof is to shady.
Design & Estimate
We will make a 2D and 3D Design of the needed system to make sure it will generate what your want and need.
Quality Check
We run Shadowing simulations and gather the latest LIDAR infomation to make sure the solar panels are able to capture the maxum amounts of the suns engery and turn it into clean engery.
We have great financeing partneers.
Able to finance most solar installs with immediate coast reduction.